League of Legends European Championship 2019 Summer Finals - Athens


Throughout my two month freelance tenure at Riot Games' European division in Berlin, I was responsible for developing and designing both digital assets and large scale print installations for the League of Legends European Championship 2019 Summer Finals in Athens. The design team consisted of Riot's inhouse designer, Audrey, and me. Together, we worked cross functionally with the business development team, vendors, sponsors, and DesignStudio, a third-party agency to design the Summer Finals from the ground up.

While Athens is steeped in tradition, we wanted to take a different approach that not only represented it for what it is today, but Esports as well. As such, we decided to go with a multi-stage rebellious dystopian hacker theme that incorporated graffiti style graphics. The initial phase consisted of utilizing rips, tears and graffiti to represent the present state of Athens. As the Summer Finals drew closer, the rips, tears and graffiti graphics were gradually replaced with techie grids and futuristic designs to represent the future, not just of Athens, but of Esports.

That being said, because Riot's inhouse designer, Audrey, had experience designing in-arena (stadium interior) graphics, she took the lead on those assets as well as much of the sponsorship packages whereas I focused on everything backstage along with collateral needs. This involved designing large scale installation graphics for player and coaches rooms (inside and outside), huddle areas for the teams, meeting rooms, the VIP lounge, press room, tunnel entrance and all associated walls, doors and windows from there to the player and coaches rooms.

Lion Cereals - Noise Meter

VIP Lounge

Host Desk Wall Divider - Front + Back

Bar Wall

Elevator Wall

Middle Wall

Meeting Room 1 - Ext. + Int.

Meeting Room 2 - Ext. + Int.

Meeting Room 3 - Ext. + Int.


Press Welcome Desk

Player + Coaches Rooms

Doorway to Player + Coaches Rooms

Team Huddle Walls

Community Photo Op Activation

Doorway to Player Tunnel

U-Frame - Player Tunnel Entrance Divider

Additional Roles at Riot

While the vast majority of my time at Riot consisted of developing and designing graphics for the Summer Finals, I also served as a quality control referee midway through the summer regular season and throughout the playoffs.

Additionally, I was occasionally tasked with reviewing and providing direction on numerous pieces of content.